ViviShenzhen Photocontest Awards Party

Vivishenzhen's first photo contest has just ended, we are very glad to have received many great pictures and want to thank all the contributing contestants: The pictures were amazing and have been quite a challenge for our judge, Jesus Salazar, to pick the winners.

We are going to organize an award ceremony and a special party this upcoming Saturday. The party will be hosted at the Evil Duck in Shuiwei, during the evening and the 3 winning pictures will be displayed.

We have chosen 3 winners from the following categories:

-Instagram most appreciated



themed, “Shenzhen city of opportunities", which opened up a world of colors, intricate architecture, daily life, natural beauty…and all the other intricacies of this amazing city!

For Instagram most appreciated, a huge cheers goes out to Jane for her Xianhu Fairy Lake caption, which collected 680 likes!

For Landscapes, Chapeu to Marlon Villaverde, definitely nailed it with his breathtaking sunset skyline.

“Shenzhen is a city of clear encounters between the old and new. Marlon Villaverde's photo clearly showed this contrast with a foreground showing the old buildings and a background with the new high buildings towards the light, contrasted by the construction cranes which are representative of the ever changing nature of the city. It was a well composed image with deep meaning.”

Jesus Salazar

For the category of People, the undisputed winner was Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto.

“Shenzhen is shown through everyday workers showing their welcoming smiles to tourists and locals alike.

This high contrast portrait between shadows and lights (like life itself) framed the subject in a really nice way. One portrait cannot be the representation of a whole city, but for sure this picture shows one of their kindest facets.”

Jesus Salazar

Join us this Saturday January 12th starting at 7pm @Evil Duck (Futian Shuiwei 5th street) and celebrate with us!

The participants of the contest who come to the party will get a participation token.

In the meanwhile take a look at our Instagram account (Vivishenzhen #viviszphotocontest) and thanks to everyone who participated.

We loved them all!

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