Open a WFOE company

Starting a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity) company in China is possible and easy.

Our experts have comprehensive knowledge about what is required in order to make the fastest WFOE application possible. The service is available in Italian and English as well. Contact us for more details.

Trademark registration

Intellectual property protection has been always a very sensitive topic.

Keep your trademark safe, especially, if you want to move into the Chinese market! Ask for information from our dedicated staff

Driving License

Have you finally decide to move to Shenzhen permanently?  Realize driving your car around yourself will make your life easier? Getting a Chinese driving license may seem overwhelming but is possible. ViviShenzhen is here to help you file the application and collect all the required documents. You only need to study a little bit and everything will go fast and smoothly!


Signing a lease agreement or a business contract in Chinese without understanding its content? It’s not a brilliant idea…Entrust us!

Contact us for translation or to verify documents already translated.

China Visa

Are you planning to move to China for work or study? Do you already know that you need a visa to enter the country? Applying for the right visa with advice from professional people is always the best choice. Contact us and applying and obtaining a visa won’t be an issue anymore!

Guide tour

Shenzhen is a fast growing city, young and dynamic. It will be a unique experience to discover Shenzhen with an expert guide that knows the city very well. We have Italian and English speaking guides, and we can organize customizable tours, from one to more days upon the request. Contact us for more details

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