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Vivi Shenzhen, founded in year 2013, is a project addressed to all the foreigners and expats living in Shenzhen, with the goal of gathering up useful information an provide services in order to make our lives and permanence in Shenzhen more productive.

The info on our virtual platform will ease your life in the city, especially for the newcomers that often face many difficulties adapting to a culture and a language so different and far from your own, and for those who decided to move to Shenzhen to expand their business horizons.

Especially for this topic we have created a dedicated section, our business section, where you will find interesting articles and news about how to make business in China plus a comprehensive list of services that our team and our partners will be glad to provide


Vivi Shenzhen is also a cultural information hub providing info about local culture.

We kindly invite you to surf our page and if you need further info don’t hesitate to contact us!

Paola Sellitto




Paola has been living in Shenzhen since 2006, has always been an active part of the Italian community:

"Shenzhen is a  evolving city, the challenge is to follow its progress and be always  in step with the times"

Spoken Languages: Italian, English, Chinese and Spanish


Pina has been living  in Shenzhen since 2011, understands the city 'and know how to best 

use its resources:

"Here in Shenzhen nothing is impossible, with the right determination you can realize all your dreams"

Spoken Languages: Italian, English and Chinese

Italian Editor & Director

Giorgia has been living in Shenzhen since 2010, in love with life and social creativity of the city:

"It 's exciting to follow the countless exhibitions and creative activities of Shenzhen, a city' that never ceases to amaze me"

Spoken Languages: Italian, English and Spanish

Giorgia Lo Piccolo




English Editor

Todd's a  journalist living in China for ten years, four of which were in Shenzhen. He loves traveling, learning, with his twin boys and dogs. "Shenzhen has lots to offer, but the true gift of this place are the people."
Spoke languages:

English, Spanish and basic Chinese.

Luigi Mondino


Living in Shenzhen since 2010, Luigi has developed a vast knowledge of the city and of its great opportunities.

"Shenzhen is like a wave, riding it requires bravery, enthusiasm and versatility. Once you're on top, it's like touching the sky."

Spoken languages: Italian, English, Japanese.

Adriana Addis

WeChat Image_20180904103041.jpg


Adriana moved to Shenzhen from Italy in 2015 and from the beginning she was captured by the dynamism that differentiates such a vibrant city as Shenzhen.
"Shenzhen is like an ancient and a modern photograph exhibited in the same art gallery. The opposites in this city are well integrated and constantly evolving. It's up to you to decide whether to stay in black and white or in color "

Adriana Addis


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